Lev Roosileht - Artist 


26.07.1989 Estonia, Tallinn


art class-Juhkentali gymnasium (1996-2004)

Higher education-Euroakadeemia,  Interior Design (2008-2012)


Interior designer, Digital artist (3D visualizaer, gamedev modeler, graphic designer)


The most important direction in my paintings is the interaction with the ability to recognize faces with our brains.

Based on the research of the human brain in particular about the ability of face recognition, one of the most important and most developed salvage ability for human evolution.
We know that people recognize faces faster and better even with poor visibility and from far distances. We can very easily and quickly determine gender, age and even mood or well-being. Most likely because of this, we can also often see faces in objects, this is called Pareidolia

In my works I try to expand, play and sometimes confuse our ability to recognize, in my opinion, this gives a new perception experience for the viewer.

As materials and methods, I like to use acrylic inode while adding oil, coal or something else, I also like to use computer programs for creating images or to combine digital painting, 3D modeling and real paints

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+372 58062555

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